We love good things.
Buon Riso, Buona Polenta, Buona Farina: good rice, good flour, good polenta.

What changes is the way we cook and taste it.
But the key ingredients of Buon Riso
remain those learned from our fathers:
– love for and knowledge of the region
– selection of the best raw ingredients
– the utmost care in processing and packaging
– a constant high quality over time
These are the values we founded our company on in 1949, when we started selling Buon Riso, and then Buona Farina and Buona Polenta.
It's a know-how passed down through generations.
Just like the best of traditions.
Genuine. Simple. Traditional.
We treasure such things.
And we combine them with a touch of innovation.

A 100% traceable supply chain, from the grain to the packaging.

How we preserve Buon Riso

We have conceived a unique technology for the preservation of Buon Riso, one of a kind in Italy: compensated vacuum packing. Let’s see what it is and what it does.
The air we breathe is made up of oxygen and nitrogen. When food gets in contact with oxygen, oxidation happens, which isn’t healthy. To see how it works, just cut an apple in half and leave it for a few hours in the open. So we decided to suck up the oxygen and leave only nitrogen, which is a natural preservative. And to get to this result, we conceived a system which combines two preservation techniques.

There’s something good in the air

How do we do it? We extract all the air from the pack, creating a momentary vacuum, while simultaneously injecting filtered and refined nitrogen, thus compensating the vacuum packing created by the extracted air. Nitrogen is a natural component of the air we breathe, and it is rich in anti-mould properties, beneficial for food preservation.
This is the core idea of the system we use to package Buon Riso: compensated vacuum packing.

A pack like no other

As soon as you take a pack of Buon Riso into your hands, you can feel it is different from common vacuum-packed containers, which are generally very rigid and where rice grains are compressed in an unnatural way.
Thanks to compensated vacuum packing, the pack is softer and natural. Even if there are minor differences among packs, rice preservation is guaranteed. Always.
It’s not vacuum-packed, it’s not nitrogen only.
It is vacuum packing + nitrogen.
Packaging system in protective atmosphere by compensated vacuum packing
Solo Azoto Niente Ossigeno (Nitrogen Only No Oxygen)


Rice means love.

After a wedding, rice grains launched into the air wish well to the newlywed.
It’s a sign of joy.
Of happiness. A rice pack is a treat: the fragrance when you open it, the ideas on how to cook it, the pleasure of eating healthy food, rich in nutritional properties.

Rice is natural and simple.

It is naturally gluten-free.
It is naturally rich in nutritional properties.
It is naturally light.
“It was born in water and dies in wine”, as an old Italian saying goes.
So what’s best than rice from Piedmont, where water comes directly from the Alps, and wines are among the most refined in the world.